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Fitness Friday

Okay, ladies and gents, Halloween is upon us! Guess what? I am going to have some candy. I refuse to not participate in taking my kids candy and enjoying the fruits of their labor. 😀

I am not going to eat the whole bounty, but I will not get mad at myself for having some sweets, and enjoying some laughter and joy with my kiddos.

Your Sister in Christ,


Happy Play List

I love to listen to music, all kinds of music. Music is therapeutic to me. Ome of these days, I will be able to play music on the piano, but that is for another day. I have days, like everyone else does, when I am not happy and borderline depressed. I turn on my Happy Playlist to get me through.

“Happy Dance” by Mercy Me

“Good to be Alive” by Andy Grammer

“What a Friend” by Matt Maher

“Happy” by Pharrel Williams

“Drops of Jupiter” by Train

“Crocodile Rock” by Elton John

“Take it Easy” by The Eagles

“Shackles” by Mandisa

These are just a few songs that make me happy. What are some of your happy songs?

Favorite Soup Recipe

I am a soup lover. I love to .akensoup and I love to eat it. One of my favorite soups is taco soup. I use a simple taco soup recipe.

Can of corn

Can of black beans

Can of rotel (I use mild)

Can of tomato sauce

Can of diced tomatoes

Pkg of taco seasoning

Pkg of ranch dip mix

1 lb of cooked hamburger meat

Throw all of the ingredients into a pot, add some water if you want it more soupy. Heat it on medium until it starts to boil. Turn heat down to simmer for about 10 minutes. Enjoy.

This recipe is easily freezable. You can put it into quart sized bags for individual bowls for later.

#fallgoals #fallsoups #recipes

Fitness Friday

I fell a couple of days ago. I had hoped to get back to regular exercise this week, but the fall has been a bit of a setback.

I am good with it though. Listening to the needs of my body has been a blessing for me. I know when I have not been drinking enough water, I feel more sluggish than usual. I know when I am needing to let my body rest and recoup. I understand when my body is truly hungry and not just eating out of boredom.

Take the time to listen to your body.

Your Sister in Christ,


Fitness Friday

Slow Progress

I have definitely changed a lot in my lifestyle. I eat way less, and I move a lot more. I drink a lot of water, too. Since May, I have struggled. I have not gotten mad at myself for the struggle. I am just having to take things one day at a time.

My exercise routine has dropped due to fibro issues. I work out one day and I need about 5 days to recover. I truly can say that I have not given up, I just realize that this is all part of my journey.

Your journey is just that, yours. Be good to yourself, always.

Your Sister in Christ,